We live in an era that’s constantly in contact with each other. The technology behind the smartphone is developing so fast and is seriously interfering our social interaction in the physical world.

With new technology, comes new behavior.

But what if technology takes the lead at the expenses of its users? With applications that has been set up so that it can distract you constantly during any situation through out the day, everyday. This continuous form of distraction is causing damage to our attention span, interrupts physical and social interactions, it creates a fragmented focus and disinterrese to the outside world. Are we slowly becoming less interessted in real connection? Is empathy threaten to disappear? Have we become used to relying on the comfort that the smartphone offers us?

With my graduation project named “Airphone” I want to reduce the gap between each other by letting visitors / the audience interact with the project. Airphone is an interactive tool in the form of a fun and challenging game. The purpose of the game is to function as a accessible game like airhockey or fussbal and provide players an experience filled with tension and sensation while playing it. The underlying concept lies in handing in the smartphone before activation and participation of the project. In my point of view Airphone highlights a social issue of modern society in a simple manner.

Lets play in order to reclaim social interaction.

*Exhibited at:
Royal Acadeny of Art | The Hague
Manifestations | Eindhoven
(as part of DDW, aftermovie)
Yami - Ichi black market | Utrecht



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